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Sentiment.pro is a social sentiment tool powered by Bico.Media, MoneyButton and Whatsonchain. Anyone can share their sentiment on a Sentiment.pro index for 0.02 USD by signing up for a MoneyButton account. You can earn bitcoin to vote by using the Earn Vote link in the navbar.

By tracking sentiment using Bitcoin(SV) ledger we can ensure integrity and immutability of every sentiment vote. Anyone can watch our voting system and see if manipulation or other forms of hacking has occured. Each index is also deployed on chain and has a txid. Simply put it is impossible to hack the voting system and costly to manipulate it. If you want to manipulate votes you will only be paying the index owner!

Sentiment.pro also allows anyone to create and monetize their own indices in return for a $10 USD fixed cost + 50% voting revenue share. All indices now come with an immutable comment section where anyone can share a thought for 0.01 USD. All comment revenue goes to index owners.

Anyone can be an index oracle for any market. Please check our existing indices if you want to avoid similar indices, but anyone can technically own what ever index they want. Getting votes is reliant on marketing index. Voting and claims revenue is used to pay for maintaining and growing the service. We are based out of Toronto, Canada.

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Why Bitcoin SV?

Bitcoin SV is the original bitcoin public ledger, an enterprise public ledger with large blocks which can store gigabytes of transactions making it ideal for projects with high number of interactions and transactions.

Why are indices onchain?

The Bitcoin blockchain offers immutability, transparency and security. Once a vote or sentiment is recorded as a transaction in a block, it will stay there forever along with its metadata. Anyone has the ability to check for the validity of the data at any time.

What is voting and comment revenue?

A Sentiment.pro vote costs $0.02 USD. The more votes an index receives the more money an index owner can earn. Sentiment.pro earns voting revenue from indices we deploy plus our voting revenue share with 3rd party index owners. Comment revenue is revenue generated from the comment section of an index. Each comment is $0.01 USD and which goes directly to index owner.

How can I earn voting and comment revenue?

Anyone can claim a Sentiment.pro index for a fixed cost of $10.00 USD plus 50% share in voting revenue. Adding a comment section to an index is additional $5.00 USD. All comment revenue goes to index owner. You can track sentiment for a stock, cryptocurrency, commodities, politics, events, celebs, athletes and even your own business!

How do we democratize sentiment?

Anyone from anywhere can vote with 2 pennies! If someone manipulates the vote they pay the index owner. Manipulating an index is a costly signal.

Tradingview Charts

If your index can be charted on Tradingview there is an option to embed a chart.

Sentiment.Pro Indices
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$SFI - Fear Index $SMI - Mood Index

World Markets

$SAI Asia Market Sentiment Index $SEI Europe Market Sentiment Index $SUSI US Market Sentiment Index S&P/ASX 200 Index


$SGOO-Alphabet Index $SAPP-Apple Index $SFACE-Facebook Index $SNET-Netflix Index Tesla Inc. Market Index


$SGOLD - Gold Index $SOIL - Oil Index Uranium Index


$SBSV- Bitcoin Index $SBTC - Bitcoin Core Index $SCRYPTO- Crypto Market Index Type of Bitcoiner Index Bitcoin SV Wallet Index Real Bitcoin Index Best Social Bitcoin BSV Apps and Services Index


$SUSE - US Election Index Potus Approval Index Congress Approval Index Chinese Communist Party Approval Index PM Modi Approval Index PM of UK Approval Index Pres. of France Approval Index PM of Canada Approval Index Pres. of Japan Approval Index Pres. of Brazil Approval Index Pres. of Russia Approval Index Pres. of South Korea Approval Index Chancellor of Germany Approval Index Pres. of Israel Approval Index Pres. of Mexico Approval Index Leader of Iran Approval Index Leader of UAE Approval Index PM of Australia Approval Index Pres. of South Africa Index Pres. of Argentina Approval Index Pres of Turkey Approval Index Pres. of Indonesia Approval Index Pres. of Italy Approval Index Pres. of Spain Approval Index PM of India Approval Index Saudi Kingdom Approval Index Jacinda Arden Index


Craig Wright is Satoshi Index Craig Wright Index Epstein Suicide Index Coin Yeezy aka Elon Moist Index Ronaldo vs Messi Index Greatest Basketball Player of All Time Index Michael Jackson Innocent or Guilty Index Sexiest Kardashian Index Is CSW Satoshi? Index Greatest QB Index Greatest NFL Coach Index Greatest Wrestler Index Craig Wright Sex Appeal Index Greatest NHL Player Index Greatest Boxer Index

Food & Health

Corona Virus Index Climate Change Index Corona Response Index Diet and Food Index Marriage Age Index Alcoholic Beverage Index


Boxing Index Mobile Phone Index God Index Pineapple on Pizza Index

Safety Index

Shanghai Safety Index Delhi Safety Index Mexico City Safety Index Sau Paulo Safety Index Europe Safety Index Australia Safety Index Hong Kong Safety Index London Safety Index New York Safety Index Africa Safety Index Canada Safety Index China Safety Index DC Safety Index Los Angeles Safety Index Mexico Safety Index Phillipines Safety Index South America Safety Index San Francisco Safety Index Singapore Safety Index Toronto Safety Index Tokyo Safety Index


NSFW Index NSFW Index NSFW Index