Claim a Sentiment Index

At we want to enable anyone or any company to measure sentiment for any topic they want. You can measure sentiment around an athlete, celeb, brand, market, election or anything else you can think of. Pick 2-5 variables that you want measured. Send us your BSV address that you have private keys for. After you click send, a moneybutton will appear where you or can swipe and submit your form and payment using bitcoin sv. Every form submitted will be indexed on the bitcoin sv blockchain in an op_return. This will enable us to create task oriented work for developers in the near future.

Claim Your Index

Example of a live index.

Claim a index for $10 USD and 50% revenue share. Please choose atleast 2 and upto 5 variables you would like to measure. Send us a bsv address you have private keys for. Make sure the keys to your public address are backed up as all voting revenue will go to those keys. Index claimers can now add a comment section feature for $5.00 USD. All comment revenue goes to index owner. Each comment generates $0.01 USD for the index owner.

By swiping MoneyButton you agree to our terms.

Include Comment Section for a 5$ charge